The BabySafe Project

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There are an increasing number of resources available for those who want to limit their exposure to EMR. One of the best is The BabySafe Project.

The BabySafe Project was founded when over 100 physicians, scientists and public health professionals from around the world joined together to release a statement expressing their concern about the risks that wireless radiation poses to pregnancy. You can read their statement here:

They’ve also released a fantastic brochure in PDF format titled What You Need to Know About Wireless Radiation and Your Baby. You can download it here.

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French woman wins EMR disability

In a story that shows cracks appearing in industry armor, the BBC reports that a French woman has won a disability grant after telling a court she suffers from an allergy to electromagnetic radiation from gadgets.

Marine Richard, 39, was told she may claim €800 (£580) per month for three years as a result. She said it was a “breakthrough” for people affected by electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS).

Read the entire article here.

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Comcast wants to turn your home into a Wi-Fi hotspot!



In a new article at, Jeromy Johnson asks the question, Why is Xfinity WiFi Harming People?

“Thus far in 2015, I have been contacted by multiple people who have reported being injured by the new Xfinity WiFi routers. One woman wrote that it felt like she was “being microwaved.” Others have reported headaches, insomnia, brain fog, burning sensations on their skin and heart arrhythmia.”

He goes on to explain that “Comcast is using your new Xfinity router as a gateway into your “smart home” and to deliver WiFi service to anyone within a few hundred feet of your home. The plan is to turn their customers’ homes into public “hot spots” with the result that WiFi is nearly ubiquitous in our communities.”

In the article, he discusses the mechanism by which these routers are harming people, and offers tips on how to minimize that harm. It’s well worth the read here.

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The Quiet Zone: Where mobile phones are banned







The BBC has a great article on the National Radio Quiet Zone – 13,000 square miles (34,000 sq km) of radio silence. It’s a revelatory view of how we can live a modern life without being enslaved and harmed by our digital devices. Not only are there no mobile phones, there are no baby monitors, microwave ovens or wireless doorbells, yet they have boradband access, their own radio station, and a quality of live we’ve all but forgotten.

Read it here.

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Boston Parents Paper asks “Is Wi-Fi in Schools Safe?”

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Boston Parents Paper has a surprisingly in-depth and interesting article on Wi-Fi in schools. Featuring an interview with Camilla Rees, the article touches upon the possible connection between EMF and autism, the heightened dangers of Wi-Fi in schools, and even some of the reasons more isn’t being done to address this critical issue.

Share this article with all the parents of school-aged children. It’s information we all need.

Read it here.

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New Technology Is Designed To Keep Babies Safe From the Dangers of Hot Cars … by exposing them to Wi-Fi!

carseatIn a recent article on the Huffington Post, Ingrid Prueher writes of new technology by Evenflo Corporation that will protect babies from being left in a hot car. “The Evenflo Advanced Embrace DLX infant car seat with SensorSafe technology comes equipped with a receiver that plugs into the data port in the car’s onboard diagnostic port. It links to the sensor on a clip that goes across the baby’s chest in the seat using Wi-fi. When the car stops and is turned off, a very distinct alert sounds, reminding caregivers to get their baby out of the car. The product is currently on sale on Walmart’s website for about $150 and is expected to be in stores next month.”

While it’s a great idea to come up with new ways to protect babies from this rare but real danger, it is just replacing one danger with another. Read the entire article here.

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Autism and EMR: A Developing Connection

Our big 2Screen Shot 07-15-15 at 05.32 PM015 conference was a great success, with exceptional presentations and cutting edge information. Stay tuned as we will be offering fee-based streaming access to those who were unable to attend. One of our presentations explored the link between autism and EMR. This is an exciting area of research. In that spirit, check out the following paper by Katie Singer titled Calming Behavior in Children with Autism and ADHD: The Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)-Lowering Protocol (That Has No Cost or Side Effects)

Click here for the article.


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IBE Conference 2015

IBE Conference 2015!

2015 Conference attendees, 68 strong!

Eight incredible expert speakers, three deeply meaningful days, savory organic meals, healthy sustainable lodgings, at breathtaking Islandwood on beautiful Bainbridge Island, Washington. We so wish you could have been there with us!

Our largest and most fulfilling conference ever in our 27 year history!

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Another local station covers Electromagnetic Sensitivity

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Chicago’s local CBS affiliate recently ran a profile on Jennifer Froemet, a woman who suffers from electromagnetic sensitivity. Despite the usual media caveats, it was a good piece which featured Building Biologist Barbara Bobbit performing an electromagnetic survey.

Check it out here.

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Neurobehavioural effects of developmental toxicity

Screen Shot 06-27-15 at 01.52 PMDr. Phillipe Grandjean, a researcher at Harvard School of Public Health, and Dr. Landrigan, of New York’s Mount Sinai, report in their peer-reviewed study published in The Lancet Neurology, that “disorders of neurobehavioral development affect 10–15% of all births.” Their study went on to identify five industrial chemicals that could be reliably classified as developmental neurotoxicants: lead, methylmercury, arsenic, polychlorinated biphenyls, and toluene. ). It also noted 201 chemicals that had been reported to cause injury to the nervous system in adults, mostly in connection with occupational exposures, poisoning incidents, or suicide attempts.

You can read the entire study, including methodology and results from our current events page.

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