Do You Have a “Smart” Meter?


Truckee, California (near Lake Tahoe) is unique in that its utility company (Truckee Donner PUD) uses all three types of electrical meter systems: Analog, AMR and AMI (“smart” meters). During a recent visit, I made several short videos of each type of meter system to help you easily identify the type of electrical meter on your home. The final video below shows the new type of smart meter that the utility is installing.

Analog Meters

These meters have proven to be safe, effective and highly reliable for over a century. They have none of the health, safety, fire, security and privacy risks that AMR and AMI meters have. Note: In the following video I show how the analog meter is not emitting RF pulses because employees at the Truckee utility assured me that no electrical meters were manually read. This must be untrue as a large percentage of their meters are still analog and emit no RF.

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