These are the best houseplants to improve indoor air quality, study finds

houseplants-2If you’re looking to improve the quality of air in your home, potted plants are a good place to start. But not all indoor plants are created equal.

A new study has found that certain varieties actually do more than pump more oxygen into your surroundings – they can also clear the air of harmful chemicals.

The new study, conducted by researchers from the State University of New York, looked specifically for plants that had the ability to absorb volatile organic compounds or VOCs, which are potentially harmful pollutants that can come from paint, furniture, printers, dry-cleaned clothes, and other household products.

“Buildings, whether new or old, can have high levels of VOCs in them, sometimes so high that you can smell them,” said study leader Vadoud Niri.

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2 Responses to These are the best houseplants to improve indoor air quality, study finds

  1. Quite relative, because air exchange dwarfs the impact of plants, NASA pioneer BC Wolverton once told me. Don’t forget that his studies were done in sealed capsules for outer space travel!

  2. André Fauteux says:

    And as always said, it’s better to remove the sources of polluants than to try to dilute or filter them!

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