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Is Plastic By Any Other Name Still A Poison?

The USDA will be introducing its new eco label, this spring, to identify such products as water bottles and grocery bags that were made with bio-based ingredients (primarily corn). These products decompose instead of requiring recycling, and will carry the … Continue reading


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A Toxic Envelope

An article in today’s New York Times (17 January), lauding the three winning green-designed houses of the Connecticut Zero Energy Challenge, states that “All green houses start with three things: rigorous design elements that seal the building envelope as tightly … Continue reading

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Smart Meters: Adding More ElectroSmog to Your Home?

A smart meter records household electrical consumption and communicates that information back to the utility provider for monitoring and billing purposes, by enabling two-way communication at regular intervals between the meter and the central system. These meters can produce significantly high levels of … Continue reading

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