The Buzz On Wearable Baby Monitors

From the blog a child grows in brooklyn comes this great article, which features experts including Dr. Devra Davis.

Each year, about 3,500 children under age 1 die suddenly and unexpectedly in the U.S. each year from unknown causes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Here’s the buzz from A Child Grows on wearable baby monitors:

For Stephanie Sjogren, a 32-year-old medical billing and coding specialist, those statistics recently hit close to home. When her son, Andrew, was just eight weeks old, he stopped breathing while he was sleeping. Sjogren found out because the baby monitor Andrew was wearing woke her up.

Waank. Waank. Waank. At first, Sjogren, who had been sleeping in bed next to her son’s bassinet, wondered what the strange sound was. Was the smart-sock monitor malfunctioning?

In the dark, she could make out that Andrew’s tiny arm was oddly bent. When Sjogren picked Andrew up, he arched and didn’t make any noise. “I turned on the light and noticed that he had formula all over him, including in his nose,” she says. Baby Andrew’s pediatrician had put him on a special, thick formula for preemies designed to promote weight gain. Andrew had had a feeding before bedtime.

Read the entire post here.


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