Schools, Unions And PTA worldwide being proactive.


From the Environmental Health Trust comes this heartening list of schools and other organizations taking action to reduce children’s exposure to Wi-Fi and other EMR/EMF dangers.

Schools, teachers and parents are taking action to ensure a healthy school environment for students and a healthy work environment for students and staff. See below a list of schools that have removed wireless networks or taken action to reduce exposure to children. We also have a list of Teacher Unions and Parent Teacher Organizations that have issued statements, enacted policy and are calling for safe technology in schools.

Schools Worldwide Removing the WiFi/Taking Action
  • 2016: Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation: A new call for a  moratorium on WIFI and in the Limestone School District and they have taken the issue to the school trustees in that District. “The Teacher Union’s president says there is a growing mountain of evidence that WIFI can pose health risks.”  Andrea Loken/OSSTF District President stated in a 3/2016 news interview that, “There are thousands of published peer reviewed papers that are indicating adverse health effects from WIFI and we are seeing an increased awareness around this issue worldwide.” Watch the video here
  • 2016: Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario: A 3/2016 News Report states that they are calling for a “WIFI moratorium until further health studies are done, and lawmakers can catch up with new regulations.” Watch the video here.
  • 2015: Ashland Public Schools, Mass (USA): “Best Practices” to turn the WiFi off when not in use,Download Slides Video of parent who initiated this. Video of school board member discussing the process. Read Magazine article on Ashland’s Decision Here.

Read the entire list here.


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  1. Teresa Gallagher says:

    I am so on board with this!! Teachers need to be teaching not giving students WiFi sights!! No more common core or WiFi in schools anywhere!!

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