Weigh in on the UKs struggle against “smart” meters

no_smart_metersStop Smart Meters UK is a great online resource for current information on so-called smart meters, their potential dangers, and how to resist universal adoption.

Lately, there’s been public push-back which has been reported in the UK media. The UK’s Times has an article from January 4th of this year titled Warning over a ‘ghastly mess’ in £11bn plan for smart meters (can only read first couple of paragraphs and view an accompanying video unless you are a subscriber).

The Daily Mail has an article titled Could smart meters be used to spy on your home? Devices could be used to create ‘honeypot’ of data to sell onto marketing companies, privacy campaigners warn.

Now, the UK government is taking public comments regardless of geographic location at the UK Parliament’s website. The deadline is tomorrow so we encourage everyone reading this to head over there and weigh in before it’s too late. Every victory, no matter where, is a victory for us all.


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