Watch the IBE Conference 2015 From Your Sofa – Or Your Desk, Or Your Bed!

Conference 2015 Streaming Video:
8 Presentations with Unlimited Access

Dr. Janette Hope, MD; our Keynote Speaker

Watch all eight of the Saturday and Sunday presentations from our 2015 Conference. Twelve hours of deeply meaningful keynote and feature presentations, on streaming video, including the Q&A sessions that followed each. Your one-time subscription will grant you unlimited online access for one year – CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE, TODAY.





Mold and mycotoxins, dirty electricity, autism triggers, smart meters, sustainable and Vedic architecture, volatile organic compounds, scalar technology, the biochemistry of electromagnetic sensitivity, spectrum analysis and shielding; Take Back Your Power.

Dr. Janette Hope, MD; Dr. Martin Pall, Ph.D.; Peter Sierck; Dr. Falken Foresaw, Ph.D.; Peter Sullivan; Martine Davis; Michael Schwaebe; Sonia Hoglander; and Josh del Sol.

Please note: Josh del Sol’s conference presentation is included in your subscription. You will receive an automated e-mail notice when it becomes available for you to stream, later this year.

Click here to watch the trailer                                       Click here to watch all 8 trailers



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