The Sensitives – a feature documentary

The SensitivesDirector/Cinematographer Drew Xanthopoulos is running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of a feature documentary, that will tackle family struggles to reclaim their lives from the isolation of chronic illness and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS).

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)—also known as simply Chemical Sensitivity (CS) and Environmental Illness (EI) —is poorly understood. Even the names given to the condition are over-simplifying and rarely agreed upon. However, people can develop severe migraines, rashes, fatigue, and loss of motor and speech skills when exposed to ordinary things like cleaning products, pesticides, and sometimes electronic and wireless technologies.

“As someone with no prior personal connection to this illness, I was compelled to take on this challenging project, to eventually get past the masks and foil-lined rooms to meet the artists, social workers, and grandparents inside. This is what I intend The Sensitives to show: the ordinary people driven to the fringes because of a very misunderstood condition.

“My greatest hope for this project would be to spark meaningful discussions about how we think about illness and health and inspire more research for a community that badly needs it,” writes the director on the project page.

You can see an interview with the director, some initial footage, and support the project here.



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