Mainstream TV Show Features Character with EHS

Great news, right?

Not so fast …

The Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul features a recurring character with electrohypersensitivity (EHS). This is the first time a character in a mainstream television show has suffered from this illness, which offers a unique opportunity to educate those who are still unaware of the dangers of wireless and other electromagnetic technologies. Unfortunately, it appears as if many mainstream media outlets have used this occasion as an opportunity to cherry-pick only those studies supporting industry assertions that there is no causal relationship between EMF exposure and some individuals’ well-being.

The National Law Review: “Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) is a purported [our emphasis] condition in which people believe that many common health conditions are caused by their everyday exposure to electronic devices that emit electromagnetic fields (EMF).”

They go on to describe a recent ruling by the Court of Appeals for the State of New Mexico that held that “there is no cognizable nuisance or tort claim for the alleged physical harm caused by your neighbor’s use of cell phones, dimmer switches, or wifi.” (Firstenberg v. Monribot),

The Guardian: A headline and sub-headline from an article in February:

“Better Call Saul: is electromagnetic hypersensitivity a real health risk?

The Breaking Bad spin-off features a character who is afraid of mobile phone signals. As two scientists explain, it’s a psychological ailment – but you wouldn’t know that from browsing media reports”

Physics Today: “While it’s not explicitly named in the show, it appears that Chuck is lumbered with EHS (electro-hypersensitivity) or ES (electrosensitivity) as some sufferers call it. By hyping the condition to hype the show, the publicist joined others in the media who spread misinformation about imaginary dangers from non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation.”



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