Autism Rising, Autism Raging

The National Institute of Mental Health is currently conducting $120 million worth of research into autism. The medical director coordinating the research has said that what has become increasingly clear is that some environmental factor is, or many environmental factors are, interacting with certain gene types, yielding who knows how many different pathways to the same disease. And although many parents think they know with instinctual certainty what that factor was in their own child, researchers haven’t yet found anything that looks like a smoking gun.

Do you have a child with autism, or do you know someone who has such a child? Please share with us here what you’ve learned or been told by your doctor, by clicking on Leave a comment, below.


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5 Responses to Autism Rising, Autism Raging

  1. Karen Baldauf says:

    Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, believes the main contribution to autism is EMF’s, particularly the proliferation of cell phone towers. I believe this as my 19 year-old son might be considered on the Asperger’s end of the autism spectrum, and we live near a cell tower. My son has had problems with Crohn’s too, and now suffers from hyperthyroid symptoms. When I was pregnant with him, there were no trees or buildings between our bedrooms and the cell tower which is less than 1/4 mile from our home. I am ElectroSensitive myself, and have cancer at 53 years of age. I have never been a big user of cell phones, and our diet is impeccable. The cell phone TOWER HAS to be the culprit. More evidence of this is that our neighbor went from being an active tennis player to dying in her early 60’s of a “rare leukemia” about ten years after she moved here. I wish there were a cancer and chronic diseases cluster registry to prove these towers are stealing our lives.

  2. Larry Gust says:

    Case Study
    In mid 2008 I was called by a client with two children who were diagnosed with high heavy metals concentrations- particularly mercury. The boy, 5 years old, was autistic and the girl, 3 years old, was behaviorally normal. Under medical supervision various strategies were tried to remove this toxic load from the children’s body, but the results (monitored via urine analysis) were poor. A full environmental assessment of the house showed the principle issues with the house were electromagnetic pollution from:

    1. A wireless Internet connection.
    2. A 5.8 GigaHertz cordless phone system.
    3. AC Magnetic field level of more than 3 milliGauss in the girl’s bedroom.
    4. AC electric field of more than 7 Volts/meter in both bedrooms.

    These changes were recommended:

    1. Eliminate the wireless Internet and cordless phone system and replace these with hardwired connections.
    2. Locate and repair wiring errors causing high magnetic field.
    3. Turn off the five circuit breakers identified as causing the high electric field level in all the bedrooms.
    4. Install conductive electric field shield fabric under the mattress pad in each bed and connect to the Earth.

    Just before these changes were implemented, the children had a urine test to determine if heavy metal were being eliminated from the body to the urine. There was only minimal Mercury dumping. One month after the changes another test was conducted. Mercury dumping doubled and uranium was showing up in the urine as well. By late fall 2008 the son was doing better than he had ever done in all aspects including behavior and his ability to learn.

    • michelle says:

      This is a great story Larry. Can I contact you regarding writing for an Autism and Learning Disabilities Company? I am the head of the Environment Department and would love to share your story and perhaps have you write for us. Drop me an email if you would next week. Thank you!

    • Karen Baldauf says:

      Larry, there are heavy metal implications with my son’s Asperger’s and my cancer as well. Thanks for explaining the connection between lowering EMF exposure and dumping mercury. That encourages me that we’re on the right track! We reduce our body voltage at night by turning off breakers and using grounding pads on the beds. And we’ve found lower EMF computer monitors. Of course we nixed the wireless gear long ago. We do seem to feel better when we detox with a frequent-dose-chelation protocol of Alpha Lipoic Acid, which I found in Andrew Cutler’s work.

  3. Hi, I have two children both diagnosed with autism. We lived near cell towers and electrical substation when my youngest was diagnosed. I am about to move off the grid next month in an effort to cure them. If anyone is interested in following our story and my children’s progress please contact me. I would like a medical expert to follow their progress. Please contact me at
    Thank you.

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