Lacing Your Air

We’ve all seen Chemtrails in the sky and thought they were innocent contrails, those long puffy white lines of water vapor left when jets pass overhead. Yet chemtrails, tinged with oranges, yellows or purples and reflecting oily rainbows in them, are chemical laden; and they linger far longer in the sky than the harmless contrails. They are found much lower than contrails (below 10,000 feet), can create “cloud systems” 60 miles long. Analysis has shown them to contain powdered aluminum, barium, and pathogens.

A fascinating documentary has been produced that explores the murky world of chemtrails, also known as atmospheric geo-engineering. The full documentary, titled What in the World Are They Spraying!, is available online at: Watch the video, post your comments here, tell us how you feel about it.


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  1. Hello this is jacob here. The pics on the environment is very much agreed .About the chemicals that we are laying out in the air is very harmful to our next generation in future.
    jacob martin

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