Smart Meters: Adding More ElectroSmog to Your Home?

smart meter records household electrical consumption and communicates that information back to the utility provider for monitoring and billing purposes, by enabling two-way communication at regular intervals between the meter and the central system. These meters can produce significantly high levels of radio frequency (RF) emissions depending on many factors (location of meter in relation to occupied space, duty cycle or frequency of RF transmissions, reflection and re-radiation of RF, multiple meters at one location, collector meters, etc).

Power transmitters that will relay information from appliances inside buildings with wireless smart meters produce high, localized RF pulses. Any appliance that contains a power transmitter (dishwashers, washers, dryers, ranges and ovens, convection ovens, microwave ovens, flash water heaters, refrigerators, etc) will create another layer of RF signals that can cumulatively increase RF exposures in your home from the smart meter.

These meters are coming to your home soon; they’re already being installed in homes and condos/apartments in California. To tell us how you feel about it, click below on “Leave a comment”.


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5 Responses to Smart Meters: Adding More ElectroSmog to Your Home?

  1. Karen Graber says:

    I will fight to keep a smart meter from being put on my home. I am sensitive to EMFs.

  2. The problem with any one individual opting out is that this is not an individual house problem. It is a system problem with all the meters in your neighborhood pulsing information regularly to specfic collector meters on someone’s house. We’re talking 500 meters all pulsing and those signal being collected and rely to other receiving points. So even if you don’t have a smart meter, you will still be in the mesh of radiation produced by the other meters all around you. The only solution is to ban the smart meter SYSTEM. We’d better get rolling soon before so much money has been spent by the potential loosers that they will do anything, spend any amount to keep from loosing. Please see this the report by Cindy Sage on Smart Meters (dated 1/1/2011) at for more details.

  3. Mariel Thomson says:

    And they’re doing it in parts of Maine.

  4. Tips you shared are very informative and i like very much.

  5. These meters can produce significantly high levels of radio frequency.

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