Cell Phone Safety Tips

According to Dr. Henry Lai, a University of Washington scientist, 70 to 80 percent of emissions from a mobile phone antenna are absorbed in the head. Due to this, children under the age of ten should not be given a cell phone. Their brains and bodies are still developing, their skulls are thinner than those of adults, and the frequencies emitted by a cell phone can cause them permanent harm.

The only safe way for adults to use a cell phone? As little as possible. When you do use one, we recommend you use an air-tube hands-free headset. The air-tube and earpiece contain no metal conductors, and expose you to far less radiation than is present in typical hands-free units. If you prefer to not use an air-tube, a wired headset should be used, with the phone held as far as possible from your head. In the absence of a headset, try alternating the phone from one ear to the other every 15 seconds so the signal is not concentrated on one side of your head. When not using your phone, turn it off (especially if it’s a Smart Phone); even in standby mode it radiates a signal. And remember, when you’re in a poor reception zone, your phone boosts its signal, trying to reach the nearest tower. . . even when you’re not making a call.


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