Contaminated Without Your Consent!

Your wellbeing and that of your family is constantly affected by your indoor environment. You’re absorbing toxics through your skin and from the very air you breathe, and through electric and magnetic fields, carrying the polluted environments of where you live and work within you. From the foam in your mattress to the pesticides you track into your home to the products used to clean your office when you’re not there, where you dwell plays a role in your health. Our website offers more than a dozen free courses and videos that will help you better understand the effects of the built environment on human health. Check them out, then surf back to this blog to post a comment or a question. Simply click on “Leave a comment”, below, tell us what you learned or want to know!


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2 Responses to Contaminated Without Your Consent!

  1. KB says:

    Please can you tell me why we have radon levels that are somewhat concerning? We measure just over 4 pCi/L with the house closed up for a few days. A good airing gets the readings down below 2 pCi/L, which is marginally acceptable, but the readings creep back up to 4 or more when we try to keep the heat in for a couple days in Winter. The house is on a concrete slab; there is no basement. The concrete slab was poured over granitic cobbles mixed with clay. The cobbles were left from the days of hydraulic mining of gold. (We live in the Central Valley of California.) Are the cobbles the source of the radon? If so, how does the radon get into our house from below? We do have a large brick fireplace and tile countertops; are these an issue? Thanks.

  2. EMR Concerned says:

    On the subject of EMR. I would like to ask building biologists out there if they have found “unusual” frequencies or harmonics on home wiring that did not seem to be a neighborhood phenomena, but rather specific to that home; AND if these homes also had EMF problems that were “unusual” in some way.

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