Your Feedback Improves Us Every Day

Do you have a suggestion for a new course or for topics of study you would like to see added or broadened in our current online curriculum?  Our Programs Development Team is working hard to continually update and improve our online courses. And they are keen to hear from YOU! Click on “Leave a comment”, below, and let your interest and passion show!


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  1. Hi All, I’m just beginning to get to know this blog and all the helpful info it contains. My field is the residential and commercial cleaning industry and I’d love to see more entries on safer cleaning products. In the cleaning industry, many companies are claiming to have safer products and labeling them all natural, etc. However, I have not found one company that is willing to disclose all the ingredients in these so-called safe and natural cleaners. Because of that, I have created my own cleaning products, not for sale, but the ingredients are available for anyone who wants to create their own safe cleaners to take care of their surroundings. It really is a no-brainer and I have MSDS sheets on file for everything I use. There are so many safe ways to kill mold without chlorine bleach, ways to disinfect without using carcinogens, ways to create wonderful fragrance without using synthetic scents, could one of you blog a little about these things? Thanks so much and have a healthy wonderful day!

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