Are You Chemically Sensitive, Electro-sensitive?

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  1. Linda Bruce says:

    Just wanted to share a comment of encouragement to anyone suffering from electrical sensitivity: keep trying to get better and believe that you can, and you will see improvement. True, our world is increasingly electropolluted, but in my case I have almost completely healed from rather severe electrical sensitivity – it took a year of intense detoxification and nutritional support.

    • KB says:

      What kind of detoxification methods did you use, please?
      Were you sensitive to microwaves? Magnetic fields? Electric fields?

      • Linda Bruce says:

        Hi – I was sensitive to computers, wifi, cell phones, compact flourescents…I still feel discomfort on cell phones and around CFs, but the computer and wifi sensitivity has abated almost entirely.

        My detox methods have been —
        – lots of sauna (you must wipe or wash off the sweat every few minutes) – if you’re in the market for a sauna, consider purchasing from Heavenly Heat b/c they know about chem and electrical sensitivities
        – glutathione (Kirkman lotion)
        – oxygen therapy
        – qigong (excellent – check out Jeff Primack)
        – yoga
        – liver cleansing (coffee enemas)
        – colon cleansing (colonics)
        – lots of clean water
        – overall gut cleansing

        Gut cleansing is a big part of getting well. The gut is the second brain (nervous system). Electrical sensitivity is a nervous system disorder, I believe. Most Americans have major gut issues without knowing it – from antibiotic use and the way we eat. Weston A Price Foundation (WAPF) – has superb dietary recommendations that have had a major impact on my getting well.

        COD LIVER OIL is essential (see WAPF site). Most all of us are deficient in Vit D, A and K, and these you get in cod liver oil (consider Dr. Ron’s Ultra Pure – We need natural sources of vitamins and nutrients, not chemicals conjured in a lab. The body knows what harmony is and what disharmony is. Check out Premiere Research Labs for other high-grade vitamins, and avoid any vitamins with fillers like magnesium stearate (read the labels b/c most all major brands – even at “health food” stores – have magnesium stearate).

        Vit D is probably the most important vit you can take b/c it assists in the assimilation of other nutrients. If you lack Vit D, your body can have difficulty metabolizing other vitamins and nutrients like calcium. Calcium deposits are very prevalent. I was told by a preeminent herbalist that it was calcium deposits in my brain that caused the electrical sensitivity. Who knows, but suffice it to say that Vit D has helped me better assimilate the nutrients that my body was having a hard time with.

        I’m also taking CoQ-10, probiotics, magnesium (very imp), zinc and a few other odds and ends.

        I feel so much better. One year ago at this time I was heading in desperation to an environmental health center. I learned a lot from the center I went to, especially about the toxic load I was bearing (arsenic, toxic mold, mercury, tin, nickel, other metals and a host of compounds I can’t pronounce or spell).

        But detox and nutritional support are almost invariably called for when chemical and electrical sensitivity are manifesting.

        I’m grateful to the many health professionals that gave me clues about what to do next. I followed my nose and kept looking and kept trying this approach and that. It all adds up. I was also told at many turns to trust that my body wants to get well and that it has immense ability to get well, more so if I give it the natural tender loving care it deserves.

        And last but not least, a big part of my healing was from my mom. I felt loved and cared for. Her hope and relentless support got me over many a hump.

        Here’s to your healing. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

    • C Moore says:

      Hi, Did you move during that time? What did you use to detox? What nutrition? If you are in a dirty environment detoxing does not work well or hardly at all. Do you know what you were affected by? Were you analysed for toxins? Indoor/outdoor radiation? When you say it took you a year, I wish you would be more precise with what you are sharing. All the questions above are very important to answer.
      Thank you.

  2. KB says:

    I suspected I was sensitive to microwaves (cell towers, cell phones, WiFi, microwave ovens), but did not know for sure, until I took my microwave meter into a naturopaths office with me. I had been feeling dizzy and brain-fogged when I was in the exam room. Sure enough, my microwave meter registered high in the exam room. When I asked the ND if there was WiFi there, he said no but we were adjacent to a coffee house that did have WiFi. When we moved to a different exam room away from the wall shared with the coffee house, my mind fog cleared within a couple of minutes, and the meter reading went almost to zero. The ND suggested I need to detox from heavy metals to heal from this sensitivity. Does that make sense? And how did I get so sensitive? Does the fact that I lived a decade within 1/4 mile of a cell tower have anything to do with it? My next door neighbor, also close to this tower, died at the age of 62 from a “rare leukemia.” Which reminds me to tell you that I also have breast cancer.

    • Karen says:

      What microwave meter are you using?

      • KB says:

        My meter is called simply “Electrosmog Meter,” but its frequency range is 50 MHz to 3.5 GHz, in the range of microwave communications. I bought it from Less EMF Inc. in 2009.

    • Unfortunately, I don’t think it possible to say what factors may have led to individual health conditions. There is little research in this area. Suffice it to say that digital communications energies from the cell phone system, cordless phones, WiFi, video games and so forth appear to affect the function of our cells.

      Research conclusions and opinions about the effects of exposure to such pollution vary depending on who funded the study. Some conclude that exposure to ICRW (Information Carrying Radio Waves) also called digital communications pollution is much more detrimental than exposure to non-digital (analog) pollution from radio, TV (old style) and microwave transmissions.

      The ICRW exposures of concern now are both 1) direct exposure from use of a cell phone or a cordless phone due to high power density and heating effects (brain health effects) and 2) indirect exposure to low energy density, ambient cell antenna radiation and the ambient radiation of all other digital wireless products (akin to second hand smoke). This radiation, now pervasive, is like a fine mesh blanket surround all urban centers and interstate corridors.

      The latest information indicates that cell vibratory receptor proteins sense, but do not recognize ICRW and interpret them as a threat. Sensing occurs within milliseconds of exposure, interpretation as a threat in seconds and in about 30 seconds the response is cell membrane compression. Compression interferes with or stops transport of nutrition in and waste out of cells. A cascade effect follows, impairing intercellular communication and, hence, organ function. This effect is reversible so long as the affected cell is still alive. However, long-term exposure causes cell death due to the build up of injurious free radicals in the cells. When a cell dies and is over 50% of its life expectancy, the new daughter cell has a permanently compressed membrane. It takes 18 months for this defective cell to be replaced with a ‘good’ cell assuming freedom from the ICRW radiations and availability of healthy cells.

      Specialist MD’s working with people exhibiting motor neuron disease (like Alzheimer’s) are now convinced that digital pollution accelerates brain deterioration by destruction of brain synapses. Work with autistic children indicates that cell membrane transport impairment compromises the ability to remove cellular toxins hindering the ability to reverse the symptoms of Autism.

      • KB says:

        You have read some interesting research. Do you have some researcher’s names you could pass along for those with interest in pursuing this further?

        Have you heard of the work of Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt? Among other things, Dr. Klinghardt treats autistic children by reducing their EMF exposure, detoxing them, balancing nutrients etc. — apparently with some success. He has collected statistics which show that many autistic children were born into homes with higher EMFs than the homes of normal children.

        Among other aspects of his as yet (I believe) unpublished research is evidence that infectious agents, such as the bacteria that causes Lyme disease, reproduce faster and make more neurotoxins when exposed to certain EMF frequencies. This suggests to me that people with certain infections could be more “electrosensitive” because they would experience more symptoms related to their infections while (or shortly after) being exposed to high EMFs. (This may be what causes my own sensitivity to microwaves. I have Lyme disease AND exposure to cell phone towers AND “electrosensitivity.” And I am not alone. Many of the Lyme-affected I know feel sick when they use their PCs.)

        Dr. Klinghardt also teaches that our cells communicate at about 2 GHz, which is included in the frequencies used by the cell phone industry. The implication, I believe, is that cell phone frequencies could, quite directly, affect our cells by interfering with their ability to communicate with each other normally.

    • K Jones says:

      There is a theory that breast cancer can be caused by cavitations in the jaw which hold bacteria and metals. All this gunk that comes out of your jaw gets into your breast. If you are electrosensitive, you are surely holding metals somewhere.

  3. Karen says:

    I lived for 8 years next to a high power electric line (345,000 volts of electricity running on it). I have chronic fatigue–weak and burning nerves in my legs, some weird brain symptoms. I had some of the symptoms before moving next to the power line. There are genetic weaknesses that are associated with the sensitivies to EMFs–take the Genova Diagnostic detoxigenomics blood test and you will find your genetic weaknesses,–like a missing gene so that your body does not make glutathione in your liver (your body’s master antioxidant!), and an inability to methylate folic acid in your liver, which you need to do in order to make neurotransmitters in your brain and to detox your brain!

    • KB says:

      This sounds like a useful test. Thanks. I’ll ask my ND about it. Sorry you have brain issues. Luckily, I don’t.

      But my liver is definitely suffering, and when I treat my cancer, my liver gets worse (overloaded, I presume), so I have to take it slow and do a lot of liver detox. From the sounds of the first post, detox is the best thing I could be doing anyway.

      In that vein, I asked for glutathione IV, but my ND says there have been some complications with cancer and glutathione IV, so refuses.

      I wish I could find an EMF medical specialist in my area; I suspect all cancers are NOT the same with regards to treatment, since not all cancers are caused from EMFs. But I think mine was affected by living near this cell tower. Other family members are sick too, and my neighbor died relatively young of leukemia after living near the tower for about 12 years.

      We also have a mimimal radon problem at our house, which we just learned of in the Spring. This is our first winter of airing the house well, rain or shine. Brrrr! But airing does bring the radon meter readings down from about 4 to just below 2 in a few hours.

      • Karen says:

        I use glutathione in a cream form that I rub on my skin. I do not make glutathione in my liver like most do–I don’t have the gene to make it.

  4. Fin says:

    Hi, i’ve been dealing with sensitivity to emf for a few years but up until now it has been confined to a perpetual tingly numbness in my ears and lap, due I believe to use of mobile and cordless phones and laptop computers. I also get sharp pain at any point in my body which is adjacent to a mobile phone with even a medium 0.7-1.1 SAR rating. i have switched to a mobile with a SAR of 0.4 and try to minimise use of cordless phones, though that is difficult. I’m not aware of other symptoms, issues. Any tips? i’ve read that people with downs syndrome are ‘genetically susceptible’ and far more likely to get leukaemia. My son has DS. Can all of this be genetic?

    • Linda Bruce says:

      Hi – just a thought but do you have compact flourescents? Check out the work of Magda Havas. Compact flourescents are causing major problems on a long spectrum of disease lines, many of which can be immediately mitigated by removing the bulbs.

      Re genetic vs environmental causative factors, you may be interested in the work of Natasha Campbell-McBride – “Through studying the health of hundreds of patients with autism, learning disabilities, psychiatric illness and other problems, Campbell- McBride discovered that in virtually all cases these children and adults suffer from digestive problems, often of a severe nature. Through her research, she has determined a distinct correlation between unhealthy intestinal flora, poor digestion and toxicity from chemicals created by undigested foods, which can severely affect brain chemistry. She coins this relationship the Gut and Psychology Syndrome, or GAPS.”

    • Karen says:

      Yes, those with some genetic weaknesses are also sensitive to EMFs–the two go hand in hand. There is a genetic blood test from genova diagnostics called detoxigenomic profile–it will show your genetic weaknesses. I must take methylated folic acid (pill form) and use a glutathione cream in order to help shore up my genetic weaknesses. I also am now doing my BEST to keep the toxins out, since I do not excrete them very well. I have a good homeopathic doctor from the san diego area who is helping me to detox with homeopathy–I must detox very slowly, because my body cannot handle anything fast. I do not have the liver enzymes (genetic weaknesses) to handle big detoxes.

  5. gary boates says:

    Congrats on the new blog. Good luck to those of you currently impaired and just tuning in. These are all very exciting topics to me and I hope to all of you. However it all seems so interconnected and thus very very time consuming to unravel. So much so that as a retired I.T. guy I have now dropped my clean house certification business plans.

    Why? Once I really put the effort into analyzing what could make people sick in a home, I felt that it would be impossible to eliminate all potential sources – bad childhood environments, fuel oil tanks in basements, leaky gas lines, bad toiletries, cleaning chemicals, bad sewer venting, poor diet choices; Then there is the workplace, friends’ homes, nearby industrial streaming sources like refineries, tire plants, airports etc. Also I thought it would be too tempting to lead people towards focusing healing energies on minimizing their symptoms rather than finding out sources. And will we discover that early childhood interventions will become necessary to prevent poor parenting skills from impacting permanently on children? Something as simple as too much mercury-laden tuna when growing a child’s brain, being prescribed a bad pharmaceutical, to locating the crib right up against an exterior wall of a home where the power lines attach and come down (I have measured this – ouch!)… and now wi-fi exposures at school – all can play out with lifelong negative health consequences.

    At age 58 I still feel great. I eat organic, move beds away from electrical wiring, turn off my home wi-fi when not in use. Watch my oils, eat all organic butter. Vitamins are useless without corresponding minerals. Natural sunshine is the only way (other than celation therapy) that you can detoxify mercury from the body. Do not rub anything on your skin that you do not want in your bloodstream. The 273 products made from mineral oil will give you arthritis (research from University of Chicago in the 80’s). I use my Blackberry for texting/emailing only. Relatives make jokes as I pass on the sugar and alcohol. I spend a lot of money on extreme sports to keep my body clean and able to burn anything I put into it.

    For those interested I now have shifted my new business plan to focus on what is called ‘electro smog’ in the health blogs. This is more in line with my technology work history, to understand power formulas etc. Still to measure minute amounts of EMRs, and to understand what components of the body, body cells and cellular bodies (organelles) may possibly be affected will be no easy task. I will expect to find the wavelength of the frequency or some fundamental harmonic of the main carrier frequency to be able to physically excite a cell or part of the cell that relates in size. I will also expect the pH of the entire human body to play a role; with the calcium, magnesium and other ionizing minerals adding to the mix.
    While at University in the early 70’s I helped to construct and ground strap a large copper screen as part of the lab apparatus required before being able to measure brain waves of cats after administering them ‘street drugs’ to them. Is it ironical that forty years later I may be suggesting larger copper grounded screens to surround someone’s sleeping environment? Irony is part of life it seems…. best of luck with the blog.

  6. Rich says:

    I would like to see research and establishment of body RF (radio frequency) quideline for the BauBiologie Guidelines. I have measured with an rf power meter about 46 nw/cm2 for body RF at the knee in the sitting position. I moved myself about 6 feet away and measured again at the knee in the sitting position with zero rf power density reading.
    This is interesting that an RF body resonance or RF body measurement without resonance can be detected using an RF power meter. If anyone has an RF analyzer from Gigahertz Solutions please try to measure body RF.

    The existence of body resonance or body coupling is cited in EMF Dosimetry Guidelines and in research on MRI which irradiates the body with RF.

    The EMF RF Dosimetry Guidelines from WHO states:
    It is obvious that exposure to RF near
    resonant frequencies causes high SAR in the lower legs.

    Click to access SeoulWHOTaki.pdf

    Just as there is body voltage as a part of the BauBiologie Guidelines it seems that there should also be an addition of body RF guideline. This is to detect general RF presence or any RF resonance occurring in the body which seems to raise the body’s RF power density above the room RF power density measurements.

    Using an AM radio on the knee or hand or arm at 530 KHz also increases the volume of the static sound. This occurs more at the lower range of the AM frequency than at the higher range. The use of an affordable device such as an AM radio could give a rough indication of body RF.

    Who can this suggestion be given for the Institute of Baubiologie to study, evaluate and establish a body RF guideline?

    Below is further research related to body rf resonance.

    See Figure 7 and 17. These charts show resonance peaks at aroung 80 Mhz and 200 Mhz.

    Whatever the part of the body, the resonance around 60 MHz of the whole body is visible. Each part participates in the whole-body resonance. For the legs and torso, the resonance at 60 MHz is highly marked because the legs and torso constitute the parts of the whole body which start resonating. In contrast, head and arms are separate parts of the body. The head subjects the whole-body resonance around 60 MHz,but another resonance also appears around 200 MHz. This resonance is a characteristic of the head’s geometry and internal properties.
    The arms are parallel to the body; this should explain the large zone of resonance between 80 MHz and 180 MHz. On the one hand, a homogeneous cylinder of a size which is typically the size of adult arms resonates around 180 MHz and, on the other hand, the whole body resonates around 70 MHz. A combination of both phenomena induces this large resonance region from 80 MHz to 180 MHz.
    Figure 7 and 17 show resonance peaks.

  7. Anne Stewart says:

    I agree with Gary Boate’s above comment about “analyzing what could make people sick in a home”. Even though it may seem overwhelming and perhaps “impossible to eliminate all potential sources”, it is necessary to reduce exposures to harmful things and live a more natural life. Leading a more natural life is what bau-biologie is all about. Alternative treatments and energy directed at elimination and symptom alleviation are secondary to source elimination.

    I too try to lead the healthiest life I possibly can. I embraced the eco-sensibilities learned from war-time parents (never waste ANYTHING), from the hippie area that preceded me (back to nature, self-sufficiency, communes, veganism), from the 70s oil crisis (oil is bad; learn to use less of it/without it), and from studying alternative architecture and design in my 20s. But, by far the hardest part for me has been avoiding the economic and social temptations of traditional career paths. Instead of choosing the affluent stress-filled “crackberry” career, I have chosen a less-esteemed but healthier life. I know I help other people, lead a life with integrity, have time for my family/friends and getting outside, and control what I am exposed to.

    Bau-biologie teaches us to look at electric and magnetic energies, radon, asbestos, metals and plastics in air and water and products. But, I think we should include the toxic emotional, economic and political environments as well. ALL the things that affect your happiness affect your health.

  8. C Moore says:

    Posting again…as I do not see my comments I made this morning, but I was not signed up for the blog. Now I am…
    Since 2003 I became aware of EHS, and I was lucky enough to have come across a site online…May Dooley’s…and she directed me to a person trained by Bau-Biology in CT…Next town over from Hartford where I was living in an old apartment building on the first floor. It was old knob and tubes electrical system that was putting out high electric and magnetic fields in the apartment. I had many symptoms, which are cumulative, and then Zap your neurological system is badly affected and affects so many bodily systems after six years living there.
    I moved, but even though I was in the woods in a fairly new house, it had electrical problems and water problems etc. So, after a year I moved again.
    At last I thought I was safe after moving into an elderly/disabled complex, all on one level. BUT, my apartment has it all Radio/Microwave emissions coming in from the antennas in the church steeple directed right at me, ground currents, dirty electricity, and invasive fields that come in from one wall and down from the ceiling area and saturates the few rooms I live in with radiation…When checked by an expert a few years back he thought it probably was the alarm system not being grounded. Yet, the problem still exist after sharing the excellent report with the town building inspector and others.
    We need some good legislation and more schooling in this area of remediation, as most officials did not know what I was talking about.
    The latest of what I have done is to block the radiation emissions with Naturell material, which truly helps, as a few years ago my life force was leaving me. Also, I am trying to make a canopy to sleep under and shut off the circuits near it at night. It is too soon to tell if it is working as this is something I have been doing for less than a week with the canopy and circuits off. Then, if it works I will try detoxing again, as it did not work hardly at all a few years back. Plus, I had hair analysis done and six hour urinary challenge test done which shows an overdose of LEAD in my body. Also, the amalgam removed from my teeth a few years back too.
    It has been a long and mostly lonely journey in this area of mitigation for me, but the journed continues with some great people from Building Biology.
    I am staying put, as too many hidden radiation that has taken years to seek out, and now to remediate and hopefully see more improvements in my health in the future.
    I am trying 1 inch of cork under my couch where I sleep and hope that will help with the sparodic ground currents that occur mostly when the refrigerator motor is running and at times it sounds like the electric company is pushing through more current. I will get back to you if it works…but I think Tesla used a lot of cork in NY when he was doing his experiments. Moving forward and hopefully towards more positive results.
    I also buy some of the latest books and DVD’s for my library, to help those who seek to understand and with some positive steps to take.

  9. daveacim says:

    hi–some info that might be helpful–I found myself becoming electrosensitive after having a large mercury filling replaced with a composite filling—assumed the es was from the mercury that got out on removal/drilling etc—that was 4 years ago, and I have had es ever since. Recently (a week ago) had two new large composites put in, and es got much worse (there was no mercury removal involved with these teeth)–and now feel the composites and bps may be to blame—one additional note–folate, in spinach and kale, esp, may neutralize the effect of the bpa in the plastic

    • K Jones says:

      If you previously had amalgam in those teeth some remaining could have been released. Also, if you have gumline fillings or root canals, you may have mercury in your jaw like I do. This may have been disturbed by the other proceedures. It is very hard to find gum and jaw infections but I guarantee you they hold mercury. I found a cavitation with an icat scan. Dentist cleaned it out and I got better but I am still very electro sensitive – 6 years. If you go back to the dentist and find that the ES goes away when you are numb suspect cavitation in the jaw!
      Discovered other reasons for poor circultion in jaw and am finally getting better. Even have lots of mercury in the parotid (salivary) gland. I recommend a good body practitioner – upper cervical atlas orthogonal chiropractic specialist or rolfer, and myofascial masseuse. You’ve got to make sure things are flowing to get better. Good luck and God bless. Everyone deserves to be healthy!

      • Catherine says:

        Upper cervical orthogonal chiropractor can work miracles…..I had awful migraines and EMF.. Now I hardly have migraines and only weak EMF issues. I still do not spend much time around anything like Wi-Fi or cell phones, because I know these aren’t healthy even if I am not in pain.

  10. According to the American Cancer Society notes, and others suggesting it increases risk.
    It is better to scrutinize the ingredients and the efectivity of the supplement
    you are seeking across the internet, but
    do they really work?

  11. Sam says:

    I became very electro-sensitive after I had Lyme disease undetected for a few years. I would get burns from using mobile phone and computer. I couldn’t live in electro-smog and moved onto a boat, where I mostly lived on mackerel, seaweed, leafy greens and onions/garlic.

    I started to feel much less electro-sensitive, and found that it was because I was maximising glutathione production in my body. Just a couple of months later and I can live in a house again and use mobile phones and the computer without getting burns. I wrote up how to maximise glutathione production just by diet:

    I had large gold rings in my eyes, which I think is down to excess copper. The bottom half of the ring has now gone in both eyes, and the top half has decreased to about 30%. Glutathione helps detox heavy metals.

    Negative ions really help me, both from nature and from ionising machines.

    Good luck everyone.


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