Free & Easy Ways To Protect Your Family

Here’s a consumer flyer developed by IBE that you can download and send around to your friends and family. Designed and written by Melody Chan Graves, BBEC, and Alex Stadtner, BBEC, it features simple, cost-free, daily habits that will help minimize indoor toxins and pollution in the home and office. Click here to grab the flyer: Free_easy_flyer.


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1 Response to Free & Easy Ways To Protect Your Family

  1. The consumer flyer is an invaluable resource but having an IBE-certified expert come to my home and actually measure for air, water, and EMF pollutants was the most eye-opening experience of my life. Not only do I now know the levels of the most common indoor “toxins,” but I incorporated my IBE action plan to neutralize them. This organization is top notch and the step–by-step services that it provides can diagnose and cure your home or workplace environment….fast.

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